BSF Asia’s vision is to create a healthier and safer South East Asia through the power of sport and play for persons with disabilities.
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Support a Sport

We have many ways to support our athletes, select a specific team or athlete to donate to.
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Support a Country

If you would prefer to support a specific group of athletes from a specific region, simply select the region.
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Support BSF

If you just want to help another participate and engage in activities that will help provide meaning and purpose.
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Supporting 700 Disable Athletes in 6+ Countries

We have been improving the lives of people with disabilities in South East Asia since 2009 through the power of sports and play for development, health and peace.
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Through participation, the athlete will realise individual accomplishment, self-esteem, and respect for themselves and others.

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Would you like to make a difference to someone with a disability, to help them to play sport, get active and have fun? Make a donation today that will go towards helping us to provide assistance and support to enable someone, with a physical disability to participate in sporting activities that are otherwise beyond their financial means, or their support network.